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Heads up Android this one is gonna sting

It’s nothing personal, and hate is a strong word… but there is something seriously lacking with the Android experience right now. I don’t think that fundamentally Android is a bad idea, I just think there is something on the execution end that isn’t translating to the great user experience that is so vital for smartphones. Steve Jobs called it “fragmentation.” I call it too many greedy companies. Allow me to explain. (more…)


This is an attempt at something I love

I can’t really say for sure what I’m getting myself into… I’ve always been a “webby” person but have never blogged, vlogged, podcasted,or streamed myself in any way/shape/form. I love technology. I love reading opinions that others may have on the subject, then forming my own opinion after I’ve played with the latest gadget/OS/whatever. I can’t say that I’ll be updating this often or even attempting to to try until I feel like I have some sort of original content to provide. If you read this blog chances are you know me, so I won’t bullshit about things you already know about me, however, I will attempt to be informative, funny, and hopefully interesting as I start to embark on a journey I have long pondered but have never pursued. (more…)

Hello world!

I’m on WordPress now and think I will be for good. tumblr is nice, but not for the long-style blogs that I plan on making. I’ll still be on tumblr though, uploading various things of interests, just not keeping my main blog there. You dear WordPress, will now be permanent blog. Treat me well.

We don’t need an iPhone 5 this summer

The inter-webs were a-buzz today as Apple announced its yearly WWDC. This event usually generates a lot of excitement because historically it means that Apple will announce the newest iPhone and iOS versions. Almost immediately though it was being reported that Apple was NOT, in fact, going to announce it’s newest version of the hottest smartphone on the market. A little disappointing, yes, but I don’t think its a bad move by Apple. (more…)

Why I prefer Zune to iTunes

I may catch some flack for this one, but in my humble opinion I think iTunes is shit software. With its release in 2001 it has garnered millions of users and is growing every year, it also has over 10 billion tracks downloaded. The point of this post is not to say iTunes is not successful, clearly it is. I merely want to point out the reasons I completely and utterly hate the user experience with the most successful software ever created. (more…)

Why being anonymous is important

Shortly after creating this lovely blog last night I stumbled upon an interesting search engine I wanted to share with everyone. Who here uses Google or Bing for every search they do on the web? I’m sure some of you even try to write academic papers by consulting Google before you check your school’s library databases (which are far superior). Google is great; “googling” is now a term very familiar to our culture. What’s the down side to all the great searching that your no doubt doing right now (instead of reading this)? (more…)

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