Barack Obama's FacebookMy fellow Americans… would you know if it was my birthday if it wasn’t posted on your Facebook Events?

I didn’t think so… so you might not know who your Commander in Chief is either, without a little nudge from the most socialist of networks (kidding, kidding… that’s for you, Fox News audience.)  That’s right, now Facebook is not only a tool to overthrow your local dictatorship… she’s here to townhall meet your faces!


Kidding aside, Facebook is proving to be quite the tool for organization.  Most people use it for keeping in touch with friends, some of you to play Farmville, though I wish you’d stop sending me all those radishes (or whatever), as I refuse to play your games!   Many others have used Facebook as a community tool to talk out problems, organize and get results.  Libya and Egypt are two nations that have used it along with other social networking tools and, when they were shot at for trying to talk about those problems, some hardcore bravery and bloodshed to free themselves from dictators.  Here in the old US of A, I’m sure there will be bickering, over-dramatic exaggeration from both of our political parties, and we will spin our wheels like we do so often.  But we’ll be doing it in the coolest and most modern of ways… and if you can’t Like Button that, what can you?

Not long after launching a lackluster campaign for re-election, with a video full of people roaring to life with a hearty, “meh, he’s okay,” there was the announcement that the President will be holding a virtual townhall meeting with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg & COO Sheryl Sandberg (who I can only assume is the female version of Andy Samberg playing The Zuck) present.  This Lonely Island style trio will be gracing your internets on the White House Facebook Page Wednesday, April 20 at 3:30pm from the Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto.  See the event information here on Facebook.

You will be able to submit your questions to the White House Wall, please don’t use permanent marker… they still working on cleaning up W’s artwork.  So, in preparation for the big day: dust off those dictionaries so nobody asks “Wat should we do about educashun?”


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