When I was scanning through the depths of the internet tonight I saw one of the most exciting trailers for a game I’ve ever seen.

This my friends, is Battlefield 3, and it will put some life back into the very bleak and boring world of PC gaming.

With consoles like the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 PC gaming has fallen off drastically since the early 2000’s. Why? Because they can pump out graphics semi-equal to their PC counterparts and only cost $300 while a PC capable of pushing out the same quality would be somewhere in the thousands. PC gaming will never die, but it has suffered quite a bit lately. MMORPGs (Massively-Multiplayer-Online Role-Playing Games) are still immensely popular on the PC and have such a fan base that there will always be a market for those PC gamers. The problem lately is that all the great FPS games that have been released lately have all been exclusively for the consoles. Sometimes a great game for consoleĀ  will be “ported” to PC, but these titles usually suffer because they were built to function with a controller rather than a mouse and keyboard.

Youll never know frustration until you try this with your mouse and keyboard

This is a problem. PC games offer a rich and beautiful experience that console games can’t. Graphics, while good on the console, can be customized and maximized on a PC to offer much more detail. First Person Shooters feel better with a mouse and keyboard. I grew up with a NES controller in my hand and have been a gamer ever since but I’ve never been great at shooters with a controller. There’s something about the smoothness of a mouse that makes for a more enjoyable experience.

Getting picked off by the same guy the entire game causes this to happen often

So back to Battlefield. Why is it a big deal? Because all of the footage in the trailer you watched above was from the PC version of the game. This game will not be a crappy port like Splinter Cell, Lost Planet, or Gears of War. This game was created with the PC market in mind. EA’s Battlefield 2 was massively popular back in 2005 and it was exclusively released on the PC. They figured with all of the success of the series that they would expand it to Xbox 360 and PS3 when they released Battlefield Bad Company. To the dismay of many gamers, this game was not released on PC (although its sequel Bad Company 2 was). I hope more companies realize there is still an avid fan base of computer gamers out there who crave new and innovative games, not crap that gets released on Xbox and gets ported.

I think it’s great that the Xbox and PS3 will get this title as well, but it is a huge victory for fans of the original Battlefield series to know that EA still cares about its PC market.

Now, if we can just get Half-Life 3 in development I can die happy.


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