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The Failed Attempt at Podcasting March 24, 2012

No Chris this week 😦 but Tyler and I pretty much goof off for 58 minutes… If you want to laugh (which we hope you do) then give us a listen. Be warned though, this weeks episode is VERY NSFW (Not Safe for Work).



The Failed Attempt at Podcasting 3-24-12


Game Changing? More like ground-breaking, revolutionary, and any other adjective you can imagine!

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To say that today’s WWDC keynote was merely “game-changing” doesn’t cover the full scope of what we just witnessed. I haven’t seen a company on a roll like this in a long time. How Apple has managed to not only revolutionize the computer, smartphone, and tablet industry but to single-handedly keep “one-upping” themselves is amazing. Not only have they defined where the bar for smartphones and tablets are, they’ve outdone themselves yet again. Three major product announcements were made today by Apple: OS X Lion, iOS 5, and iCloud. While this blog won’t focus on the particulars of Lion (other than their phenomenal $29.99 price tag!) we will cover the two biggest changes to mobile in awhile. First up: iOS 5. Hit the link at the break to read what’s new in Apple’s latest and greatest iteration yet. (more…)

What Can Microsoft do to Get Back in the Game?

Well it’s come to this. Microsoft has reviled the new version of Windows today, code named Windows 8, to a crowd at D9. As Walt Mossberg hammered Steven Sinofsky on why this seems to be, “the same old Windows” and about how the company has, “missed a couple of things, big things,” we were finally treated to the unveiling of a completely new OS approach from Microsoft. Chris and I were drooling at first. This seemed to be exactly what we asked for from Microsoft a few months ago. But then something happened, something I’m not so sure is good, but it didn’t look bad either. What happened you ask? Hit the break for more info on what’s going down in Redmond. (more…)

Windows 8 announced!




Well, well, well! Looks like Microsoft has just unveiled Windows 8 and, surprise! It has a tablet-y interface! A certain author here was hoping that Microsoft would go all in with this version and it looks like the company is definitely looking for that niche audience who still wants a full OS/Tablet Hybrid. While Walt continues to grill Steven Sinofsky, keep it tuned in here for a better look at the future of Microsoft and the unveiling of Windows 8!



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What’s been happening in tech the last 2 weeks?

Hey! I didn’t see you there readers. I know I’ve been gone a lot lately and I just wanted you to know… it’s definitely not you! See, with last week being finals week up at the college Chris and I have had no time at all to entertain you with all the great tech news that has broken over the last two weeks. Unfortunately we are not able to get to the blog as much as we would like to during rough times at work and the blog has suffered. The worst part has been that we missed two podcast as well.

Ladies, we know you miss our voices... but we're back. We promise.

But all of that is done now and Chris and I are back! The good news: we are working in the same department now and have more time than ever to talk about the blog and update it. The bad news: it’s been two effing weeks since our last post so in order to update you on everything that’s happened we have to write a long article. Hit up the link after the break to check out what you’ve missed in two weeks. (more…)

What is the Cloud?

There’s been a lot of talk about “the cloud” in the tech industry lately. Apple’s data center in North Carolina that will allow iTunes cloud based services, saving you data to the cloud with programs like Dropbox or SugarSync, Microsoft’s new ad campaign, “To the Cloud,” and of course Amazons cloud services. It seems you can’t go anywhere without hearing about how great the cloud is. The problem is that most people don’t know what “the cloud” is or why they should care about it. It is because of this I’ve decided to sum up a little about the history of the cloud and what it means for the future of technology. Follow along after the break for more riveting details! (more…)

iPhone 4 Users Beware

Hoh boy… Fresh off filing suit against one of their competitors, and posting some amazing earnings estimates Apple is now in some pretty hot water over the tracking of users through cell towers. Some dudes from the UK have cracked the known issue and visualized it with a program they’ve developed, allowing people to see how the iPhone 4 (or should I say iOS 4) is tracking their movement as they go from place to place. Why is this an issue you ask? Well, for those who may not back up their phones to their own computers it’s a risk simply because now anyone who wants can have access to where you’ve been (there is even a file that tracks compass movement as well so theoretically someone could see EXACTLY where you’ve been.) Hit the source after the break to see all the news-y links about what this means for your privacy, and if Apple is in violation of their Licensing Agreement. (more…)

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