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The Failed Attempt At Podcasting May 30-June 4

We’re back! This week Chris, Tyler, and I talk about all things Windows 8, Sony’s PR nightmare, and WWDC goodness. Hit the link to get all your techno podcast needs.


The Failed Attempt at Podcasting 5-30 6-4.output


BlackBerry 7 OS and BlackBerry Bold 9900

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BlackBerry World is tomorrow but it seems some news just can’t be contained. RIM will announce and feature some of their mobile OS’ (BlackBerry 7 OS) new bells and whistles. Universal search is said to be faster, along with voice-enabled searching, and HTML 5 support. Check the source after the break for more info and a look at the new 9900. (more…)

Have you seen this company?

RIM is a smartphone company that dominated the market from 2004-2009 but has been missing since. They’ve released some of the world’s best smartphones but have had trouble competing with Apple and Google as the smartphone race heated up. After the release of the original iPhone in 2007 it has been a tough road for them. Their answer to the iPhone 4? (more…)

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