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iOS 4.3.3 is out. Data trackers everywhere weep.

It seems iOS 4.3.3 is out today and is fixing all of the data tracking issues we mentioned in the blog (as did others). This little update will not only delete the cache on your local machine, but on the phone altogether once you disable location services. Apple can put this very mild problem at bay now and focus on more important things like June’s WWDC.




iOS 4.3.3 to stop data tracking?

Apparently Apple is releasing an iOS update that will stop all the data tracking. BGR is reporting that the fix could be out in as little as two weeks and will delete the consolidated.db file every time the phone is synced. The update will also not store information as long as the old iOS version did (which was infinite.) hit the source after the break for more details on what iOS 4.3.3 will bring.


iPhone 4 Users Beware

Hoh boy… Fresh off filing suit against one of their competitors, and posting some amazing earnings estimates Apple is now in some pretty hot water over the tracking of users through cell towers. Some dudes from the UK have cracked the known issue and visualized it with a program they’ve developed, allowing people to see how the iPhone 4 (or should I say iOS 4) is tracking their movement as they go from place to place. Why is this an issue you ask? Well, for those who may not back up their phones to their own computers it’s a risk simply because now anyone who wants can have access to where you’ve been (there is even a file that tracks compass movement as well so theoretically someone could see EXACTLY where you’ve been.) Hit the source after the break to see all the news-y links about what this means for your privacy, and if Apple is in violation of their Licensing Agreement. (more…)

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