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What makes Twitter awesome

I get asked quite often, “Why do you use twitter? Facebook is much better.” Facebook is better… for broadcasting to friends and family what you’re up to in life. Twitter is much more specific. Twitter is not about connecting with people one-on-one, it is about updating your “followers” with information in your life. Why on earth would anyone care? You’d be surprised who actually does. I’m going to attempt to differentiate between the two, while remaining completely neutral on the subject (I own a twitter and Facebook page) so deal with it America. (more…)


President of The United States of Facebook

Barack Obama's FacebookMy fellow Americans… would you know if it was my birthday if it wasn’t posted on your Facebook Events?

I didn’t think so… so you might not know who your Commander in Chief is either, without a little nudge from the most socialist of networks (kidding, kidding… that’s for you, Fox News audience.)  That’s right, now Facebook is not only a tool to overthrow your local dictatorship… she’s here to townhall meet your faces!



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