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The Failed Attempt at Podcasting

Week of April 18-23 the Failed Attempt at Podcasting welcomes a new guest, and rants about Apple issues that plauged the week.



Download the MP3  The Failed Attempt at Podcasting 4-21


Where’ve you guys been?

Good question reader who doesn’t exist! Chris and I have been preparing our first podcast so unfortunately we haven’t had time to add any new content. Keep reading and hopefully we’ll have a link up soon to the podcast. Until then, hang in there! We’ll be back.

Greetings Humans

chrisI just wanted to start my first post with a big ‘Hello!’ to everyone.  I’ve posted some things in the About Chris section so you’ll know a little bit about me.  I’m excited to start working with Josh on some new projects around here.  We’ll have a blog posts on tech, gadgets, science, tips and tricks you can send to your grandma, humor, opinion, real neat things that come right out of Star Trek, gadget reviews and more.  We will also be starting a podcast soon!

As far as content and format: I don’t want to be like everybody else… I want to throw my own spin on things.  Sure, there’s not a WHOLE LOT you can do with the standard tech news and gadget reviews.  But, with good ideas and absolutely no money at all we will go far, I’m sure of it!  It wouldn’t be The Failed Attempt project without some excitement, am I right?

Well stay tuned and I’m sure you’ll be informed and entertained.  More to come, that you can count on.  You can follow me on Twitter @qBitnaut.

Stay in school.

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