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Google Video, Now Streaming Static

Google VideoWell, Buzz this everybody:  The Goog is killing Google Video.  The service will be streaming static on April 29, 2011 and there’s no HDTV converter box that will save you.  I have long wondered why they were keeping the service around since their 1.6 billion dollar YouTube acquisition in 2006.  We can wonder no longer as they send their Google Video hosted content to the grave.  If you have any video hosted by the service, you still have until May 13th to retrieve it before the internet langoliers get to it.  For more information on the how to save your content check after the break for the source email from the Google Video Team.



Have you seen this company?

RIM is a smartphone company that dominated the market from 2004-2009 but has been missing since. They’ve released some of the world’s best smartphones but have had trouble competing with Apple and Google as the smartphone race heated up. After the release of the original iPhone in 2007 it has been a tough road for them. Their answer to the iPhone 4? (more…)

What’s next for Windows?

If you follow this blog then you know how dear Microsoft is to me. I love Windows and I was an early adopter of WP7. I’ve used Windows my whole life and, while Linux is nice too it doesn’t give you everything Microsoft does. Photoshop, actual PC games, Zune (software), and of course Microsoft Office are all features that no [free] operating system can compete with (except OS X, but is that even an argument?). When it comes to the flexibility of an OS Windows 7 is a great option for both budget PC’s and hardcore gaming rigs. Microsoft has been around for so long and has completely dominated the software arena its tough to imagine that the next implementation of Windows could really make or break them as a player in the market. (more…)

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