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iCloud Therefore i[insert witty verb]

Apple announced at WWDC that its new iCloud service will be launching this Fall along side iOS 5.  First of all, iCloud, which I just added to my Firefox dictionary, will accomplish a number of massively needed things for the Apple ecosystem.  Many of the new features of iOS 5 and some of OS X Lion will rely on the new iCloud service for over the air backups, apps, music, books, photos, email, contacts, calendars and documents.  Apple is killing its paid MobileMe offering and launching iCloud services for free.  Lets have a quick glance over a couple of key features! (more…)


iOS 4.3.3 to stop data tracking?

Apparently Apple is releasing an iOS update that will stop all the data tracking. BGR is reporting that the fix could be out in as little as two weeks and will delete the consolidated.db file every time the phone is synced. The update will also not store information as long as the old iOS version did (which was infinite.) hit the source after the break for more details on what iOS 4.3.3 will bring.


I Want to Love Honeycomb But…

… I’m waiting for HP’s TouchPad.

Why? I brought it up in the podcast but this is the first tablet I’ve been excited about since the original iPad. HP seems to have a solid design and webOS looks like it will make a great transition into the tablet space. I was excited about the original Palm Pre when it was released in 2008 and was surprised it didn’t take off after launch. The reason it didn’t was easy, developers had literally no access to make apps for the device and because of this, Palm suffered, went bankrupt, and was acquired by HP. HP was going to release a Windows 7 tablet last year affectionately dubbed the “Slate” but never took it to the consumer market (only enterprise customers) because they realized that Windows 7 was not a proper OS to run on a tablet. With the acquisition of Palm last year everyone knew HP had big plans for webOS and finally, on February 9th this year the world got to see what those plans were. (more…)

We don’t need an iPhone 5 this summer

The inter-webs were a-buzz today as Apple announced its yearly WWDC. This event usually generates a lot of excitement because historically it means that Apple will announce the newest iPhone and iOS versions. Almost immediately though it was being reported that Apple was NOT, in fact, going to announce it’s newest version of the hottest smartphone on the market. A little disappointing, yes, but I don’t think its a bad move by Apple. (more…)

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