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What makes Twitter awesome

I get asked quite often, “Why do you use twitter? Facebook is much better.” Facebook is better… for broadcasting to friends and family what you’re up to in life. Twitter is much more specific. Twitter is not about connecting with people one-on-one, it is about updating your “followers” with information in your life. Why on earth would anyone care? You’d be surprised who actually does. I’m going to attempt to differentiate between the two, while remaining completely neutral on the subject (I own a twitter and Facebook page) so deal with it America. (more…)


Heads up Android this one is gonna sting

It’s nothing personal, and hate is a strong word… but there is something seriously lacking with the Android experience right now. I don’t think that fundamentally Android is a bad idea, I just think there is something on the execution end that isn’t translating to the great user experience that is so vital for smartphones. Steve Jobs called it “fragmentation.” I call it too many greedy companies. Allow me to explain. (more…)

We don’t need an iPhone 5 this summer

The inter-webs were a-buzz today as Apple announced its yearly WWDC. This event usually generates a lot of excitement because historically it means that Apple will announce the newest iPhone and iOS versions. Almost immediately though it was being reported that Apple was NOT, in fact, going to announce it’s newest version of the hottest smartphone on the market. A little disappointing, yes, but I don’t think its a bad move by Apple. (more…)

Why I prefer Zune to iTunes

I may catch some flack for this one, but in my humble opinion I think iTunes is shit software. With its release in 2001 it has garnered millions of users and is growing every year, it also has over 10 billion tracks downloaded. The point of this post is not to say iTunes is not successful, clearly it is. I merely want to point out the reasons I completely and utterly hate the user experience with the most successful software ever created. (more…)

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