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Star Trek Comes to Netflix in July

Back in February we learned that Netflix would begin streaming a number of CBS/Paramount shows from their recent deal with the subscription movie giant.  The two companies announced they would start delivering streaming content “beginning” early April.  Well, early April has arrived and still no option for instant streaming… DVD checkout is an option, however.  I’m as impatient as the next guy paying $7.99/mo for commercial free TV and Movies and having  them made available as slow as humanly possible, so I went in search of answers.

And answers I found… luckily some resourceful individuals at have confirmed the date from Netflix.  On July 1st all episodes from all series but DS9 will be available for instant streaming.  Sources say that DS9 will be coming October 1st.  Not exactly what I was hoping for… I was gonna go full marathon on the road next week, but at least there is a solid date now!  So, if you have Netflix, stroll on over to your TV or Netflix device this summer and nerd out with me.


Source TrekMovie


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