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But Macs don’t have viruses… oh wait.

I hope that shiny new Mac Book Pro or iMac you bought recently doesn’t surf the web much. Especially since Mac Defender seems to be pretty nasty indeed. Oh, and just in case you thought Apple would help you in your plight you’re wrong. It seems the company is instructing personnel to basically cut off any user who seems to be infected and let them handle it on their own. I’d say that’s a nice way to treat customers who were lured in at the pretense that their Macs would not ever get a virus. Seems a program called ‘macprotector’ runs an installer, “scans” a users computer for threats, and then, and this is the good part, opens up some porn on the computer. I’ve said this for years and it seems to be more a reality now. With Apple gaining popularity over Microsoft in the home market there will be more coders out there willing to write up nasty little malware/viruses to show these people that their systems are just as accessible as Windows was. The appalling memo from Apple corporate is not the way to handle this. I understand that Apple has an image to protect, but to isolate these so called “lepers” is wrong. They should take a note from Microsoft on this one and actually help users who are infected instead of trying to keep this hush-hush. Feel free to comment below if you have any experience with this nasty little bug, or an angry and ‘put-out’ Apple employee.




Why Linux matters

Hands up if you’ve heard of Linux before? 4 of you, ok not bad. I am a Windows guy myself; always have been, always will be. I find the idea of switching my primary operating system to be too much of a pain in the ass. Will all my software work with it? Will I be able to figure out how to maneuver it? What happens if I want to go back to Windows? Most users don’t see the need in ever switching from Windows because it is what they’ve used their entire lives, but with the different flavors in Linux these days it may not be such a bad move after all. (more…)

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