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My Time with Windows 8

As some of you may know, Microsoft announced and released the consumer preview version of their highly anticipated Windows 8 this week. Being the avid Microsoft fan-boy that I am I immediately installed it on my PC and my Windows tablet. Hit the break to find out the details on Microsoft’s foray into the tablet market, and my impressions on this bold new direction. (more…)


Why Play Portal 2 – Speed Review

Portal 2Portal 2 saw its midnight release yesterday, April 19th, flying off the shelves.  With the original Portal selling nearly 4 million physical copies and as of yet unreleased online numbers through Steam, its successor may tower over those numbers.  So, about this game… you’ve heard of it right?  I have heard lots of good things about Portal, but never actually played the game.  I know, for some of you fanatics out there, that’s blasphemy.  But for those of you not familiar… what’s it all about and why play Portal 2?


What’s next for Windows?

If you follow this blog then you know how dear Microsoft is to me. I love Windows and I was an early adopter of WP7. I’ve used Windows my whole life and, while Linux is nice too it doesn’t give you everything Microsoft does. Photoshop, actual PC games, Zune (software), and of course Microsoft Office are all features that no [free] operating system can compete with (except OS X, but is that even an argument?). When it comes to the flexibility of an OS Windows 7 is a great option for both budget PC’s and hardcore gaming rigs. Microsoft has been around for so long and has completely dominated the software arena its tough to imagine that the next implementation of Windows could really make or break them as a player in the market. (more…)

What makes Twitter awesome

I get asked quite often, “Why do you use twitter? Facebook is much better.” Facebook is better… for broadcasting to friends and family what you’re up to in life. Twitter is much more specific. Twitter is not about connecting with people one-on-one, it is about updating your “followers” with information in your life. Why on earth would anyone care? You’d be surprised who actually does. I’m going to attempt to differentiate between the two, while remaining completely neutral on the subject (I own a twitter and Facebook page) so deal with it America. (more…)

War is coming

War is coming. It will be a slow and painful war with many casualties. We’ve already seen many deaths in this battle for consumers hearts. The war I speak of will not take place on any battlefield in the deserts of far off lands, but right here in our own homes. Friends will become enemies, families torn apart, electronic devices lives will be lost. War is coming. (more…)

Why I prefer Zune to iTunes

I may catch some flack for this one, but in my humble opinion I think iTunes is shit software. With its release in 2001 it has garnered millions of users and is growing every year, it also has over 10 billion tracks downloaded. The point of this post is not to say iTunes is not successful, clearly it is. I merely want to point out the reasons I completely and utterly hate the user experience with the most successful software ever created. (more…)

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