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The Failed Attempt at Podcasting New iPad Edition!

Over an hour of set up and a lot of failing we finally got a podcast up and running. Enjoy 🙂

The Failed Attempt at Podcasting iPad


What’s next for Windows?

If you follow this blog then you know how dear Microsoft is to me. I love Windows and I was an early adopter of WP7. I’ve used Windows my whole life and, while Linux is nice too it doesn’t give you everything Microsoft does. Photoshop, actual PC games, Zune (software), and of course Microsoft Office are all features that no [free] operating system can compete with (except OS X, but is that even an argument?). When it comes to the flexibility of an OS Windows 7 is a great option for both budget PC’s and hardcore gaming rigs. Microsoft has been around for so long and has completely dominated the software arena its tough to imagine that the next implementation of Windows could really make or break them as a player in the market. (more…)

War is coming

War is coming. It will be a slow and painful war with many casualties. We’ve already seen many deaths in this battle for consumers hearts. The war I speak of will not take place on any battlefield in the deserts of far off lands, but right here in our own homes. Friends will become enemies, families torn apart, electronic devices lives will be lost. War is coming. (more…)

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