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iOS 4.3.3 is out. Data trackers everywhere weep.

It seems iOS 4.3.3 is out today and is fixing all of the data tracking issues we mentioned in the blog (as did others). This little update will not only delete the cache on your local machine, but on the phone altogether once you disable location services. Apple can put this very mild problem at bay now and focus on more important things like June’s WWDC.




iOS 4.3.3 to stop data tracking?

Apparently Apple is releasing an iOS update that will stop all the data tracking. BGR is reporting that the fix could be out in as little as two weeks and will delete the consolidated.db file every time the phone is synced. The update will also not store information as long as the old iOS version did (which was infinite.) hit the source after the break for more details on what iOS 4.3.3 will bring.


Problems Updating Windows Phone 7? There’s an App for That

Unfortunately the update path for Windows Phone 7 users has been quite a grueling one. While the ‘No-Do’ update is finally available to AT&T customers today, you may encounter a problem after the update…

A big one...

It seems that seems that Microsoft can’t catch a break but fortunately there is hope for all you hungry baby birds anxiously awaiting copy-and-paste. Microsoft has released recovery software that will restore your phone and allow the update to push through (hopefully) with no problems. So hit the source after the break to get all the ‘No-Do’ all your little hearts desire! (more…)

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