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My Time with Windows 8

As some of you may know, Microsoft announced and released the consumer preview version of their highly anticipated Windows 8 this week. Being the avid Microsoft fan-boy that I am I immediately installed it on my PC and my Windows tablet. Hit the break to find out the details on Microsoft’s foray into the tablet market, and my impressions on this bold new direction. (more…)


The Failed Attempt At Podcasting May 30-June 4

We’re back! This week Chris, Tyler, and I talk about all things Windows 8, Sony’s PR nightmare, and WWDC goodness. Hit the link to get all your techno podcast needs.


The Failed Attempt at Podcasting 5-30 6-4.output

Windows 8 announced!




Well, well, well! Looks like Microsoft has just unveiled Windows 8 and, surprise! It has a tablet-y interface! A certain author here was hoping that Microsoft would go all in with this version and it looks like the company is definitely looking for that niche audience who still wants a full OS/Tablet Hybrid. While Walt continues to grill Steven Sinofsky, keep it tuned in here for a better look at the future of Microsoft and the unveiling of Windows 8!



All Things D

The Failed Attempt at Podcasting

Week of April 18-23 the Failed Attempt at Podcasting welcomes a new guest, and rants about Apple issues that plauged the week.



Download the MP3  The Failed Attempt at Podcasting 4-21

Why Linux matters

Hands up if you’ve heard of Linux before? 4 of you, ok not bad. I am a Windows guy myself; always have been, always will be. I find the idea of switching my primary operating system to be too much of a pain in the ass. Will all my software work with it? Will I be able to figure out how to maneuver it? What happens if I want to go back to Windows? Most users don’t see the need in ever switching from Windows because it is what they’ve used their entire lives, but with the different flavors in Linux these days it may not be such a bad move after all. (more…)

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