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My Time with Windows 8

As some of you may know, Microsoft announced and released the consumer preview version of their highly anticipated Windows 8 this week. Being the avid Microsoft fan-boy that I am I immediately installed it on my PC and my Windows tablet. Hit the break to find out the details on Microsoft’s foray into the tablet market, and my impressions on this bold new direction. (more…)


Why Play Portal 2 – Speed Review

Portal 2Portal 2 saw its midnight release yesterday, April 19th, flying off the shelves.  With the original Portal selling nearly 4 million physical copies and as of yet unreleased online numbers through Steam, its successor may tower over those numbers.  So, about this game… you’ve heard of it right?  I have heard lots of good things about Portal, but never actually played the game.  I know, for some of you fanatics out there, that’s blasphemy.  But for those of you not familiar… what’s it all about and why play Portal 2?


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